Types of Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

You may have noticed that some cast iron Dutch ovens comes with little legs at the bottom and there are those that don't. You may also have wondered what purpose the little legs serves for. The thing is that the little legs makes the difference to how you will cook with your cast iron Dutch oven. To get started, go to  http://www.treksw.com .

For the ones that are just new to the cast iron Dutch ovens, there are two types of ovens that you can actually buy. These are the ones that comes with three legs and ones that comes with a flat bottom and doesn't have legs. The cast iron Dutch ovens that doesn't have legs are the thing that's best to use for indoor cooking due to the fact that you can actually use them on top of your stove or inside the oven. You also can cook some delicious recipes in these kind of oven like roasted chicken and rice, potatoes, stews and roast beef. The flat bottom Dutch ovens can however be used over campfires but only when they are hanging from the tripod.

There are also the cast iron Dutch ovens that has three legs and some people what are they for and how they are going to cook with such type oven. The first thing is that such ovens are best to use for cooking over campfires or in campfires. The purpose of the three little legs it has would be to create space between the bottom of the oven and also the hot coals that it's sitting over. The space between the bottom of the oven and the coal is there to aid create a space for air flow in order to reach coals. 

When you are using an oven with legs, you either want to consider making a separate fire pit for the oven to be placed in or in letting the original campfire burn down to the coals so you will have enough room between the bottom of the oven also the coals for the air to be able to circulate over the coals. You could use a flat bottom Dutch oven over camp fires, but you need to place it over some rocks in order to avoid burning the bottom of the food inside, which will depend what you are cooking. For more info, check out  http://www.treksw.com/cast-iron-dutch-oven-accessories/ .

Like indoor ovens, there are many delicious recipes to which you could make with the use of your outdoor oven. If you are ever planning to go out for camping, using your new cast iron Dutch oven will definitely be the best addition.  Visit http://www.ehow.com/how_5636910_cook-cast-iron-dutch-oven.html to read more about this.